The Glow Beauty Gift Set

Our best combination to give you a glow the moment you step off the plane or for a quick refresh after travelling. The perfect gift for any jet setter.



For instant radiance use LINNÉ REPAIR Face Oil to add moisture and nourish the skin. Apply to face and neck morning and night for best results but apply during a long flight for an extra dose of radiance. REPAIR is also a great conditioner for the ends of hair to avoid it drying out in the sun.


To feel hydrated in an instance, apply LINNE RENEW Face Serum onto face and neck to help improve elasticity, and hydration while antioxidants promote even skin tone. A travel essential to boost moisture and brighten your appearance on the go.


Bare Biology Life & Soul Omega-3 Capsules.

Support all-round health with Bare Biology Life & Soul Omega-3 Capsules. Supporting cognitive function via a large dose of DHA as well as heart health, blood pressure and hormone regulation with its large dose of EPA which is a natural anti-inflammatory which acts likes hydration from the inside out.