The Jetlag Gift Set

Our best combination to help ease jet lag. Don't travel long haul without these essentials to brighten you skin from inside and out. The perfect gift for any jet setter.


LINNE Rise & Rest 

A duo which will transformed the flying experience. A few deep breathes of it over the course of a flight clears your head, boost immunity & energises both mind & body. Apply RISE in the morning and throughout the day to boost mood, release anxiety and stimulate mental clarity and concentration. Apply REST in the evening or as desired to promote tranquillity, relieve tension and improve sleep.


Bare Biology Vegan Omega-3 Vim & Vigour 

It's so important to maintain a healthy gut and give your immune system a boost, especially when your body is adjusting to a change in time zone and experiencing exhaustion. Bare Biology Vegan Omega-3 Vim & Vigour is the most wonderful defence nutrient to support. Perfect if you follow a plant-based lifestyle, these capsules are made from algae oil with added astaxanthin giving you the boost you need.


LINNE PURIFY Face Wash & Mask

One for when you get to the hotel after a long flight to a different time zone. Rejuvenate your skin with LINNE PURIFY Face Wash & Mask which contains ingredients known to thoroughly cleanse without stripping skin, neutralize free radicals, tone skin and aid skin imbalances such as rosacea. Even if you feel tired, this one will make you look radiant and refreshed instantly!