May 23, 2022 2 min read

Inflight Beauty Tips 

Ever wanted to make the most of the 'downtime' on a long haul flight?

It's so energising to be travelling more regularly again! I’ve recently returned from a long haul, experiencing changing climates - leaving the UK in 18 degree weather and arriving to 45 degree heat. I'm prone to skin flare up's and knowing this would take its toll on my skin, I thought I’d share some of my personal tips on how I keep my skin nourished on the journey.


The day prior to flying I make sure I drink plenty of water to keep hydrated from the inside and avoid alcohol which can be a contributor to jet lag.


The night before a long haul flight, I self pamper! Including a hair conditioning treatment, full body moisturise and use LINNE Purify Face Mask followed by the LINNE Face Serum over night to lock in extra moisture. 


On the morning of the flight I put a little extra face moisturiser on to withstand the continuous air conditioning on the plane. 


Throughout, I drink water, spray Saltee Hydrating Face Mist regularly to keep refreshed and also treat my lips to my LINNE NOURISH in Denali (clear). A buttery soft balm that stays in place to create a protective barrier against moisture loss and the elements, so no dry lips due to the air conditioned cabin.


Before every meal or snack, I use the Saltee Hands to kill off any germs. This sanitiser is particularly special, with a non-greasy formula which disappears in seconds and leaves a smell that transports you on your holiday!


I cannot leave home without RISE & REST from LINNE which ensures I get a good rest over night. Apply RISE to boost mood, release anxiety and promote mental clarity. Apply REST to relieve tension and help aid sleep. The aroma therapeutic duo of functional fragrances are packaged in a natural pouch, perfect for your travel bag.

As we prepare to land, I add a little LINNE NOURISH tinted lip colour to my lips which leaves and refreshing tingle and a touch of colour. 

Lastly, I massage LINNE Face Serum into my face so I step off the plane with a soft glow. Add my sunglasses and I'm ready to go!


Some other pieces I cannot fly with out include my cashmere shawl, socks and eye mask. Even if going to a hot climate, the cabin can get cold at night and I love nothing more than a home comfort.