San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, the recently restored Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park hosts over 2,000 plant varieties, including a collection of tropical carnivorous pitcher plants.


Venice of America Canals; After starting as a whimsical tourist attraction that eventually found its way to ruin, these renovated canals offer a lush and exotic locale on the Pacific Coast.



Solvang, dubbed the Danish capital of America, is where Californian wine cellars mix with European bakeries and shops. Stroll down Copenhagen Drive tasting Aebleskiver and experience a sun-soaked slice of Danish culture in the Santa Ynez Valley.



Mount Tamalpaiswill make you feel on top of the world and discover Tamalpais’ trails, waterfalls and streams as you roam through forests that guard the vast, blue Pacific. View are breath-taking through a corridor of redwoods and pines tangled in the fog of San Francisco Bay. 



Laguna Beach uncovers seven miles of hidden coves, majestic canyons and sandy beaches. Beyond the beach is 22,000 acres of protected wilderness with trails to explore. With crystal clear waters, it’s the only marine reserve in Socal that allows for amazing tide pools and specular snorkelling due to the abundant sea life.