Where To Visit In Sicily

If you’re not indulging in the morish Italian cuisine on offer around the island, you’ll be taking in the beauty of Sicily’s beaches, or exploring the mystical presence of Mount Etna. These are our top things to do in  Sicily to get the best from the ultimate Italian island.

Isola Bella, Taormina

Taormina is a popular must-see location, follow The White Lotus series showcasing its crystal waters and impressive beauty spots. Isola Bella is a picturesque tiny isle only accessible from the mainland by a thin strip of sand during low tide, just off Lido Mazzaro. Anyone can visit the ex-private residence turned nature reserve to take in its beauty, but it does get crowded, so we recommend to start early.


Ancient Greek Theatre, Taormina

Another special sight here is the Teatro Antico di Taormina Ancient Greek Theatre. Dating back to the 3rd Century BC, the theatre has magnificent views above the town and the surrounding Mount Etna. Do you research and time it right as they still hold shows here which are spectacular.
If you want to avoid the White Lotus filming spots, then there are plenty other rugged beauty spots on the island.

Mediterranean Town, Noto

Located 30 minutes north of Dimora Delle Balze lies the charming baroque town of Noto, full of rustic restaurants that demand a visit and a grand cathedral which lies centrally within the maze of  honey-hued walls of this pretty town.


Best Beaches

To discover hidden coves where only the locals know, we’d recommend hiring a scooter as the best way to explore the island an seek out the gems. The beaches in the area of Porto Palo-Menfi have received 20 consecutive "Blue Flags", attesting to the cleanliness of the water and their general ecological excellence.
If you’re looking for a mesmerising beach, take a day trip to Isola dei Conigli, known as ‘Rabbit Beach’ named after it’s original inhabitants. It’s a large cove of nautral beauty with soft, white sandy beach and azure waters.


Natural pools and waterfalls

Hike the Cavagrande del Cassibile where the long canyon’s walk along the scala cruci from Belvedere rewards hikers with natural pools and waterfalls.


Scala dei Turchi, Agrigento

Known as the ‘Turkish steps’, Scala dei Turchi is one of Sicily’s most alluring natural rock structures. Located on the south of the island near Agrigento, the bone-white formation has been rippled into a wave-like shape after years of erosion from wind and sea spray. A climb is highly recommended for the best views and memorable photos.


Street food tour

Street food tours are great things to do in Sicily and a great alternative if you don’t want spend hours shuffling through museums. Some of Sicily’s finest food can be bought roadside with  standouts like the Night Street Food Tour of Palermo. With the local touch you’ll find insider spots you’d naturally walk pass.