A quick Q&A with Alicia to find those hidden gems!


The best time of year to visit?

November is my favourite time as its not humid yet. Seasons are switched in Mauritius, so our summer is Europe’s winter.



The most unique part of Mauritius?

Part of the island has a coral reef which means you have beautiful lagoons with turquoise waters. If you go to the other side, south of the island, there’s no reef and so you have these dramatic waves crashing on the cliffs. The south is definitely less touristy and more rough and wild, but with plenty of beautiful hikes to explore and untouched waterfalls to visit.
If you want to take in the local scenery, head to Le Morne to watch kite surfing, Gris Gris for wild nature and Port Louis for hustle and bustle.



Best street food?

The best street food is Maraz Taj in Mahebourg in the south of the island (for dholl Puri and roti)



Your favourite places to shop on the island?

Of course the Alicia Swim shop in Grand Baie, the north of the island! You will find my sustainable beachwear brand together with some other brands I love that will match our beachwear. We stock fun jewellery, beach bags and sandals as well as men’s clothing from LoveBrand.
Some other Mauritian brands I like are Petite Cabothine for summer dresses, Oceano Pearls for jewellery and Soleil Bazaar for beach baskets



Any hidden gems you recommend?

If you’re looking for that hidden gem, one eco-friendly spot is Moonbar’k- a floating restaurant where they serve local foods in the middle of the sea.