January 08, 2024 4 min read


Experience the best of everything this year and allocate your annual leave to a variety of fulfilling trips, from rejuvenating weekends away to the ultimate summer blow out. These are Tyde London’s tips for the perfect 2024 travel itinerary.


1. The Weekend Away

Whether it’s a girls trip or a romantic few days for two, booking a weekend away will ensure quality time with loved ones and offer a sense of escapism in-between those bigger trips planned. If it’s a romantic weekend away, consider a location that will create an intimate experience known for its romance, such as a charming Cotswold cottage or cosy mountain retreat. Look for accommodation options that offer privacy and romantic amenities like jacuzzis or warming fireplaces in the colder months and take into account activities that cater to romance, such as couples spa treatments and candlelit dinners.



HOTEL CORAZON                                            THE FISH HOTEL


A girls trip calls for a blend of adventure, relaxation and quality bonding time. Begin by deciding on a destination that offers a mix of exciting activities and vibrant nightlife. Look for accommodation options that cater to group travel, such as spacious Airbnb rentals or boutique hotels and plan for shared experiences that promote relaxation and bonding, such as spa days, yoga classes or cocktail making. Fun group activities will ensure an unforgettable girls getaway.



2. The Bucket List Holiday

A once-in-a-lifetime trip tailored to your interests and dreams will open yourself up to new experiences that will spark excitement, challenge your comfort zone and fuel a more invigorating life. Unique destinations, experiencing new cultures and participating in adventurous activities that are well beyond the norm will create memories that will last a lifetime, so be sure to research your chosen location extensively, considering factors like weather, peak seasons and safety. Look for accommodation options that will enhance your trip, such as luxury hotels or unique stays like treehouses or igloos and remain open to spontaneous detours and unexpected opportunities.



ZEAVOLA RESORT, PHI PHI                                           ARTIC TREEHOUSE

Some popular bucket list ideas include exploring natural wonders like the Grand Canyon or the Aurora Borealis, embarking on an exotic wildlife safari in countries like South Africa or Tanzania, traversing the ancient ruins of Petra and Machu Picchu, or venturing on a transcontinental train ride like the Orient Express or the Trans-Siberian Railway. Thrill seekers might like climbing the iconic peaks of Kilimanjaro or Everest, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, participating in a balloon ride over Cappadocia's fairy chimneys, or attending unique cultural events like the Rio Carnival andHoli in India


   MACHU PICCHU PERU                                              TASKONAKLAR CAPPADOCIA


3. The City Break

An urban city break, whether a long weekend in the Spring or making the most of a summer bank holiday, is popular choice for those seeking a quick getaway filled with energy andexploration. Whether it’s wandering through the narrow streets of Rome, exploring the bustling markets of Marrakech, indulging in the culinary scenes of Barcelona or diving into the art scene in Athens, city breaks provide a perfect opportunity to discover new cultures, taste local cuisine and experience the history of the city – there’s plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Steer away from the tourist-heavy destinations and capital cities, and enjoy more authenticity. Tyde London’s destinations to visit this year include Valetta, Osaka and Tbilisi. 



RIAD L'ORANGERAIE MARRAKECH                                             TOREL AVANTGARDE PORTO


4. The Wellness Retreat

As we get caught up in our multifaceted lives, its important to take time out for some much needed R&R. Booking a retreat aimed at the mind, body and soul will provide the space to disconnect from the stress and pressures of daily life and focus on improving mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. When booking a retreat, look for destinations that are at harmony with nature, and provide an atmosphere to relax, reflect and rejuvenate through activities such as yoga, meditation, hiking and spa treatments, designed to reduce stress, promote mindfulness and enhance self-awareness. These retreats offer the perfect opportunity to reflect on personal values and goals and often lead to renewed energy, clarity and inspiration that can be carried beyond the retreat into everyday life. Top of our list for 2024 is The Wellness Tribe, and Maia Well Co. 



THE WELLNESS TRIBE                                               MAIA WELL CO


5. The Winter Holiday

At the end of the year, booking a magical snowy destination is often top of the agenda and the chance to embrace the magic and charm the season brings. Whether you want to ski with the family in the Dominates or marvel in all that New York City has to offer that time of year, a winter trip is a good way to see the year out. For those who love winter sports, destinations like the Swiss Alps or Colorado provide endless opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, but if you prefer a more relaxed winter getaway, you can opt for a cosy cabin retreat in a picturesque snowy landscape, complete with crackling fireplaces and mulled wine. Winter holidays also offer the chance to witness breath-taking natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights, as destinations like Iceland, Norway and Finland come alive with mesmerising displays. Additionally, winter festivals and markets add to the festive atmosphere, with vibrant Christmas markets in European cities.



HOTEL HUBERTUS, DOLOMITES                                                PANORAMA GLASS LODGE, ICELAND