December 29, 2023 2 min read

Our Contributing Editor's Top Picks For Comfort On A Long Haul, Gemma Deeks

As a frequent flyer, making sure I’m comfortable whilst balancing style is important to me. These are my go-to products when travelling long haul, from cool co-ords to cashmere accessories.


1. The Charter Sweater and Relaxed Pants in Shadow from Varley

These elevated matching separates are made from a DoubleSoft™ fabric and feel like silk on the skin. The soft khaki shade is a stylish alternative to black or grey and will make you feel confident even with lack of sleep.



2. A luxury Cashmere Eye Mask from Loop Cashmere

I always travel with a cashmere eye mask, essential for getting shut-eye when flying across multiple time zones. This one from Loop Cashmere is great to carry in your hand luggage and is gentle on your eyes.


3. Carry the Hydrating Face Mist from Saltee Skincare

This is a great product to refresh your complexion when your skin is feeling dry and dull mid-flight. Spritz every hour for ultimate hydration. The 75ml bottle means it can be carried in your hand luggage too.


4. wrap up in the softest Cashmere Scarf from Loop Cashmere

I’m always freezing on flights because they blast the AC, so I never travel without my own scarf or blanket as an extra layer of warmth. This cashmere scarf is super cosy during night flights and a welcomed addition when landing in cold climates.




5. Add some home comfort with the Cashmere Socks from Loop Cashmere

When buckling up for a long flight, I like to make myself at home. I always take my trainers off and put on a pair of ultra soft cashmere socks to feel cosy and comforted.




6. Relax with Rise & Rest Oils from Linne Botanicals

These two small glass roll-on vials are perfect companions for those that are nervous flyers and will fit perfectly in your skincare pouch. It can be hard to relax on long flights, bit this aromatherapy duo will invigorate the senses and promote calm and overall well-being.