March 05, 2023 3 min read

We caught up with fashion entrepreneur, business owner and consultant, Holly Scarsella last month to talk all things travel & how she does it with three little ones in tow...



Tell us a little about yourself and how frequently do you travel?

For us, travel really is so important. Not only for relaxation but also to take our children and be responsible for them discovering the world and sharing so many amazing new experiences.


Where is your favourite place in the world to visit time and time again and what makes it so special?

For me there are two. First is the South of France as I spent many years growing up there in the Summer months. It just holds so many special memories. Secondly is Ibiza. It’s the most vibrant island with this magical aura which you just cannot describe. We’ve spent the past few summers there and the kids love it just as much as we do.



Recently, so many are talking about investing in holidays with more extraordinary travel adventures. Which destinations do you feel are trending right now?

I think The Maldives is having its moment! I went for my honeymoon and can totally see why. I would love to go back with my children.


Where do you suggest for a family holiday?

In the Summer you can’t beat Ibiza. It’s so close to London, Everywhere is within 30 mins or so to drive, the beaches are just stunning, and there is so much to do for families. Even the beach clubs have kids clubs! 

How do you find travelling with little ones?

We have three and I think now our eldest is 5, I think we’ve just about nailed it. For me it’s all about preparation and making sure the kids are mentally prepared for the travelling part, well slept/ rested and have plenty to keep them occupied.


Any tips for traveling families?

Firstly make sure you go to places that make your kids happy. I’m not talking about kids clubs and kids pools – which I hate – I just think it’s important that the kids are happy and having fun. You can’t expect them to behave in fancy restaurants every day! As mentioned, preparation is key. Ensuring they have everything they need avoids a lot of meltdowns. And lastly research – I like to have an idea of lots of places we can go as a family before we arrive.



Where do you go for a ‘special’ trip?

We’ve actually just come back from Australia. We went for a month at Christmas which is the first time we have taken the kids. My husband is Australian so it’s really important for us to show them their heritage.



Do you have any inflight routines when on a long haul flight?

No routines, but lots of distraction. Lots of activity books, card games, snacks etc! I also pack pyjamas and changes of clothes which is essential for a flight over 10 hours!


What’s your favourite airport attire and why?

Anything comfy! For me, it’s always a tracksuit with a big hoodie. I find aeroplanes either too hot or too cold so layers help!

What are the essentials in your carry on bag?

Moisturiser! My skin dries out so much on a flight, I apply moisturiser every few hours to keep my skin hydrated. And sanitizer – planes are filthy!


What helps you sleep on a night flight?

I have kids – nothing! Haha!


Favourite airline & Why?

Etihad! Best service and cleanest planes.


Where is on your bucket list for 2023 travel?

The Greek islands! I haven’t been in years and would love to explore.


Can you share your favourite picks from the new Tyde London Flight wear range?

Varley styles for flying! They are so soft and comfortable. And then the striped BUOY shirts. They’re so versatile for travelling and then to wear over a bikini on the beach.


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