A Mayan walled city which once served as a major port, Tulum is one of the most beautiful archaeological sites. With ruins situated on 12 metre tall cliffs along the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea, it consists of a pyramid and several temples surrounded by tropical jungle.

There are many well-known Cenote’s in Mexico, but many are over overcrowded. We would highly recommend traveling approx. 1.5 hours outside of Tulum to the town of Valladolid. Here you’ll find several quieter cenotes including Cenote Oxman, where you can swim in the beautiful waters and it even has a rope swing. Being an authentic Mexican town, Valladolid also has great local shops and restaurants worth visiting.

For something a little different, Sian Ka’an Bioreserve is a special place to spend an afternoon floating across the lagoon. The crystal-clear, blue waters are best experienced on a paddle boarding, which is the more eco-friendly way to see the bioreserve.
You can easily get a localtaxi for short trips, or hiring a car for longer trips would be more cost effective if you plan a few day trips. We advise using GPS too, as there are limited road signs around.
Lastly, be careful when parking, as Tulum is very strict about parking legally, and cars get towed regularly.

There are so many activities, water sports and adventures you can enjoy in Tulum, especially when you get the best of both with the beach side and jungle, however one to avoid is when being told you can swim with dolphins. We never recommend supporting activities that involve animals in captivity, but sadly there are a few places where dolphins are kept in a pool.
If you’re looking for some unique art or clothing, there are plenty of local artisan shops. We love to buy locally and support the independent communities, and its your chance to give back!