Oxford Green Anna Ring

Color : Oxford Green 

Durable 0.25mm PVC

Ever wished for more sophisticated, timeless floats? The Petites Pommes Oxford Green Anna ring does a perfectly tasteful job at providing entertainment and adding a pretty, yet subtle accessory to children’s resort. In a sober faded blue tone, it adds a fresh breeze to whites, neutrals and marines, and is also beautifully combined with orange, dark greens, and browns. As the brand says - don't let big logos and giant flamingos distract you from precious moments and beautiful scenery!

All Petites Pommes floats are free of BPA and phthalates. These special floats are hand-printed. This process is completely manual - depending on the pressure of the hand, small colour variations between products may occur.

Care : After use, rinse the float in clear water or wipe with a damp cloth. Ensure that the float is dry before folding and storage. Leftover water residue may cause bacteria to grow. Avoid leaving out in direct sunlight when not in use as excessive heat may cause swelling. Never over-inflate or use an air pump of compressed air to inflate your product as this may cause the float to burst. Store and transport in the organic cotton dust bag provided.

Size : 60cm